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Important Notices

  1. Dear Customer, valid and active Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) of remitter and beneficiary is mandatory for RTGS and NEFT transactions of Rs 50 crore or more with effect from 08-Oct-22.
  2. An additional feature of "CAPTCHA" has been introduced for ICICI Bank's Internet Banking login, to ensure a safer banking experience.
  3. Effective <Apr 01, 2021>, due to the merger of Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India with Punjab National Bank, there will be a change in the IFSC codes. Please check the updated information and update your payee details accordingly, to have a seamless transaction experience.
  4. As per the RBI Guidelines, a Positive Pay System for Cheque Truncation System shall be applicable from January 1st 2021. Please click here for Details.
  5. As per RBI guidelines, Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is available 24x7 with effect from Dec 14, 2020. Please click here for details.
  6. Dear Customer, As per Sec. 194N of IT Act, w.e.f. 01-Jul-2020, customer who has not filed IT Returns for all 3 AYs (for which time limit to file return under section 139(1) of IT Act has expired) immediately preceding the year in which cash withdrawal is being made, TDS at 2% on cash withdrawal exceeding Rs.20 lakh & upto Rs.1 crore and TDS at 5% on cash withdrawal exceeding Rs.1 crore would be deducted. Please click here for declaration. For more details, please visit the branch.
  7. Dear Customer, We wish to inform you that we are taking precautionary measures, in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak. Therefore, we are offering limited services on our phone banking platform. You may login to your internet banking account on our website www.icicibank.com or Mobile Banking App for fulfillment of your request. We thank you for your patience and co-operation.
  8. As advised by Income Tax Department, taxpayers can now make Advance tax payment for Assessment Year 2021 in addition to current Assessment Year 2022.
  9. Tax Collection at Source (TCS) is being introduced on sale of goods in the budget 2020. As per the proposed provision, the seller of the goods is required to collect TCS from the buyer of the goods at the rate of 0.1% (where PAN/Aadhaar is available) or at 1% (where PAN/Aadhaar is not available) in aggregate of sale exceeding Rs. 50 Lakh if the seller’s own sales exceed Rs. 10 Crore during the year. This is applicable from Apr 01, 2020.
  10. ICICI Bank Internet Banking has now enhanced security through One-Time Password (OTP) along with your login password for your online tax transactions.
  11. As per RBI guidelines, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is available 24x7 with effect from Dec 16, 2019. Please click here for details.
  12. 2% TDS would be applicable to any person (except exempted persons) who withdraws a sum or aggregate of sums that is in excess of Rs. 1 Crore in cash from all or any of their accounts maintained with ICICI Bank Limited in a particular financial year.
  13. Dear Customer, with reference to RBI guidelines, we request you to register your mobile number in your Account. You will be unable to do internet banking and other electronic banking transactions if your mobile number is not registered in your bank account. To update your mobile number, click here for customer care details or visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch.
  14. ICICI Bank Limited has registered itself with National E-Governance Services Limited (NeSL), being an information utility under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 ("IBC") and we are bound to submit financial information pertaining to loans availed by borrowers as per IBC.
  15. Please note, Government has launched Goods and Services Tax (GST) portal for registration and compliance purpose. ICICI Bank provides a convenient GST registration facility at no cost for ICICI Bank customers. To register, please visit icici.irisgst.com For further details on GST, please refer FAQs.
    You can also pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) through ICICI Bank, a government authorized bank for GST payments. Please click here to know more about GST payments.
    For ICICI Bank GST Registration number (GSTIN), please click here.

Important Security Tips

Please ensure the following before logging in:

  1. The URL address on the address bar of your internet browser begins with https://cibnext.icicibank.com
  2. Do not enter login or other sensitive information in any pop up windows
  3. You have verified the security certificate by clicking on the padlock icon of your internet browser. View all Security terms
  4. ICICI Bank will never send you e-mails asking for confidential details of your account/ PIN/ Password or personal parameters such as date of birth, mother's maiden name etc. Beware of anyone asking you for such info on behalf of the bank through e-mails or phone calls. While it is our constant endeavor to provide you with the best of online services & facilities, the Bank is not responsible for any erroneous or wrong transactions made by you. The Bank shall also not be responsible for misuse of your account arising from any wrong , inadvertent or other kind of disclosure of such details by you.
Security Certification: https://cibnext.icicibank.com has been verified by Entrust. The communication of your private information from any address beginning with "https" is encrypted and secured using SSL